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Get To Know Charlotte Carpenter

Our friend Dean Mason (of God Is In The TV), grills Charlotte on life as a label boss and her baked potato preference. Dig into these 10 questions to get to know Charlotte a little better. Then check out her new single "Follow You Down" 💥

Photo by Esme Buxton

DM: When you went to the school disco, were you the first up dancing or the kid at the back waiting patiently until something cool came on?

CC: I always needed a little bit of encouragement to start me off but as soon as one toe was on the floor, I never looked back all night.

DM: When you finish recording a track, do you have a celebratory routine?

CC: It usually consists of a full fat milk latte, because dairy or caffeine beforehand is a big no no. So we indulge in a coffee and some cheese, or ham or whatever Lee has in the fridge!

DM: Your tracks are always hauntingly personal. Have you ever considered writing a fluffy 3 minute pop song and, if so, what would it be about?

CC: I definitely have that fluffy pop song inside me somewhere. Didn’t we all start out writing them? When I started writing at 14 I made my fair share of fluff. I’d probably take something like reducing plastic waste into a pop song and make the kids love it so they get on board with the sentiment and then annoy their parents with it so they listen to them. Either that or make a country pop banger. Thats dying to come out of me.

DM: What is the most ridiculous item you've requested on your rider?

CC: The very most I’ve dared is a selection of local craft beers and that failed miserably because I was given Hobgoblin.

DM: Do you have a favourite Cliff Richard memory?

CC: I actually do! Although It’s not my memory, it’s the memory I have of my Nan telling the story. Cliff came to Kettering in the day, and she climbed up to his dressing room to get a closer look. She was so feisty.

DM: Musician or label boss? Which is the hardest and why?

CC: Hmmmm, this is not an easy answer because both come with challenges…

Being a label boss comes with pressure because suddenly I’m no longer thinking about my own success. I’m thinking of how to make other musicians feel at ease and happy with their releases, which can be difficult at times, especially when I’m juggling their expectations with my own. However the whole point of the label at this stage is that each release is a community effort, so it’s never on my own shoulders alone.

Being a musician comes with a whole heap of worries and lot of that does rest on my shoulders but then it also feels more second nature. I don’t think I can answer this with a definitive answer. It’ll change week to week. So this week, right now, being a musician is harder because I’ve just released a new song and I’m constantly thinking of new ways for people to engage with it.

DM: You're having a dinner party and you can invite three other musicians (past or present). Who's coming?

CC: Brandi Carlile, Karen Carpenter, Bruce Springsteen

DM: The lyric you wished you had written is...?

CC: Sheryl Crow - “If it makes you happy it can’t be be bad, if it makes you happy why the hell are you so sad?” Simple but bucket loads of fun to scream from the top of my lungs. It's one of my favourite songs of all time. It's my car jam.

DM: When you cook a baked potato, do you prick it, slice it or neither?

CC: I am currently obsessed with sweet potatoes and always prick it, microwave it, oven it. Little olive oil, tin foil. Bam.

DM: If I offered to arrange one gig for you, anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

CC: I’d keep it local and play Birmingham Symphony Hall. I’ve seen many of my icons there...Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Kacey Musgraves and have always dreamt of being on that stage myself someday.

The brand new single from Charlotte "Follow You Down" is available now. Follow You Down is dedicated to her Nanny Molly and Grandad Don. Check out the track and others in her handy CC Essentials playlist on Spotify.