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Get To Know Dom Major

Dom Major is a name you need get your ears in tune with. His songs capture the glory and the ugly of humankind, whilst whipping up melodies to drown your soul into. His brand new single 'Drive Slow' comes out this Friday (5th July) and we can't rate it hard enough as the shimmering Americana anthem for these summer nights. Get to know more about our Americana king below...

BW: Who is Dom Major? 

D: Dom Major is an angsty songwriter, originally from Doncaster but based mainly in Manchester.

BW: What can you tell us about your upcoming single ‘Drive Slow’?

D: Drive Slow was a track that I wrote in my living room of my Manchester flat a couple of years ago. I remember thinking it was the first good song I had ever written! (I was probably correct). I think it changed how I approached lyric writing, it was less 'I' and more 'We'. It's not really about me, but more about situations people have been in millions of times. Driving listening to the radio, thinking 'what the fuck am I doing?' 

BW: What do you love driving slow to? What do you love driving fast to?

D: hahaha, you can probably find me driving slow listening to something like 'Lua' by Bright Eyes. You can currently find me gunning it (national speed limit) to something fast and energetic. Currently in love with a song called 'Reindeer Games' by Oso Oso. Solid tune. 

BW: You took some time out in Melbourne last year, can you tell us about that? What was life like in Australia?

D: I went to Melbourne to completely change it up. You probably can't get much further away than the other side of the world I guess? It was a decision that I had made a long time before I actually moved. I have some really close friends who were in a band called Fairchild, and they wanted me to come live with them for a bit. It was actually Adam (the lead singer) who produced my first single Cigarettes and Beer. He turned out to be my housemate in Melbourne. He's one of my favourite people on the planet. 

BW: You’ve got one chance to play any song, on any stage, with any guitar, with any musician, what would they be?

D: Geeeeez. There isn't one I can place my finger on right at this second, there are so many. In the mood I am in right now, I would probably want to just run around a stage playing I'm Always In Love with Wilco. I would give anything to sit in with that band. I am not overly precious or picky about instruments, I'd take my strat with me probably (just cos I know it works!). 

BW: We always want to get some sort of perspective on artists opinions on the digital age. How do you feel about streaming and how much does it affect your daily life?

D: Erm. Obviously its' a massive part of our lives now. I personally am not a massive fan of streaming. I think it devalues music nowadays. All music has almost become background music. People put music on when they are doing other things. It's more passive listening than active listening, and play listing is encouraging that I feel. Go out and buy records from shops people! We need you.

BW: You’ve been giving the chance to dish some advice to yourself, 10 years previously, what would you say to him?

D: What would I say to myself? Erm.... Probably something like, stop being precious about your songs. Not everything has to be perfect, something that is good and exists is better than something that is amazing and doesn't exist. Also listen to Sonic Youth. 

BW: What guitar, amp, pedal set up do you currently have? Are there any new gear goals ahead?

D: I currently have my white Strat. I think it's a 60's reissue. I have had that about 10 years now. It's a beast, I have dropped it so many times. My carry bag split in Sainsbury's once and it went flying down the aisle. Didn't even go out of tune. Sick. I also have a Frankenstein Tele which is amazing but isn't gig ready yet. And my Taylor 214CE Acoustic. That guitar has seen some shit. 

In terms of pedals, my sound is basically an MXR Carbon Copy (Delay) running into a Strymon Flint (verb) into a modulated Hall Of Fame (another verb). Thats the main electric set up, also use my Timmy overdrive pedal a lot, for the loud bits. I REALLY want a Princeton Reverb amp to replace my Laney. When Drive Slow goes multi platinum i'll buy one.

BW. We had a scan over your "Dom Major’s Fresh Flavours” Spotify playlist and there are so many great bands on there. Nada Surf, Death Cab, Soccer Mommy. Tell us how you came to find you taste in music? Has this influenced your songwriting? 

D: Ahh my music taste is so varied. I just like everything. That playlist is a good jumping off point to get into my head, although I could have added 100 more songs to it. Don't wanna overwhelm. I guess I have always kind of been drawn towards stuff that the song is the centre of it, it sounds really wanky but thats the best way to describe I think. All those bands write amazing songs. They all influence me in different ways, I love how Death Cab use breakbeats in the drums a lot, and everything is a riff, they very rarely use chords (even though they have an album called 'You Can Play These Songs With Chords'). The dual lead singers in Nada Surf is just so sick, a lot like Jimmy Eat World (who I also love). 

BW: How are you feeling about your new release this Friday and what are your hopes for it?

D: Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Relieved. 

I hope people like it, but then again, I don't really care if they don't. I like it and thats what matters I think. 

Drive Slow is Dom's second release with Babywoman Records and is released tomorrow (Friday 5th July) everywhere. Pre-save it here and have it waiting for you on you Spotify tomorrow!

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