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Get To Know Hunger Moon

Ahead of Babywoman Records Presents at Centrala on June 1st, we sit down with Birmingham duo, Hunger Moon, and give them some mild grilling.

Photo by Laura Chen

Hunger Moon, incase people don’t know you, who are you? We're an alt pop duo from the Midlands, we say alt pop because don't really know what we are oops.

Tell us an interesting fact about the track you released with us a few months back? "Feel It Sometimes” Geeky fact but we played the arpeggiated synth bass sound completely by hand then drew in the midi on pro tools to be played back into the op-1 synthesiser so technically the computer played it. What has been the highlight for you guys so far? Getting to support some of our favourite bands, as well as to begin travelling through our music has been special. What is the hardest fact of being in a band in 2019? Constantly having things to share with your audience, it's hard when cogs are turning behind the scenes but you haven't posted on social media for like 2 weeks, it makes you feel like you're not doing anything when in fact you are. If you could have a cater team with you on every show, what would your cuisine of choice be? Greggs vegan sausage roll (sorry nat) It’s interesting to get the musicians perspective on streaming services. Some see it as a playground of opportunity and others see it as a hindrance and a set back. What are your thoughts on the modern age of listening? It's a huge playground for opportunity I think, though there are many issues with the cuts that artists get from their music being put there, we are able to discover so much new music with so much ease thanks to streaming.

What is your most embarrassing ear worm? (catchy song) The new Noely G tune - Black Star Dancing Getting perspective can be a difficult thing when we are making music in a world which is moving so fast but if you could give advice to your younger selves, what would it be? Hurry up and write some music kids, don't wait till you get to uni You’re given a golden ticket to play any venue in the world, where would it be and why? Paradiso in Amsterdam, I love the Netherlands and there's some really beautiful concert halls in Europe. So many iconic people have played in the Paradiso venue, it would be a dream come true to play there. Can you tell us a secret?

New music is coming sooner than you think and we have loads to announce very soon, when we get the green light!

Catch Hunger Moon at Centrala in Birmingham on June 1st along with Ralph Pelleymounter, Charlotte Carpenter, Natalie Holmes and Andy Oliveri. Tickets are on sale now.