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Inside The Songs with Dom Major

It was a cold Sunday over a roast dinner in Derbyshire, when Dom told Babywoman about some songs he had laying around. He said "I don't really know what to do with them". Within a day we had hold of them and we were invited even more into the gentle mind we had got to know throughout 2019. Dom did something not many musicians do; he released them. Un-planned. Usually we shy away from spontaneous releases with the fear of being lost in the Friday Spotify hustle, but Dom simply wanted them heard. So that's what we set out to do. Over a month, Dom released a track every Friday and he wants to tell you a little more about them.

Your Favourite Record

This was actually written just before I was going to finish recording, and was added on right at the last second. It is just what I was feeling at the time really. Dealing with a very difficult breakup, and going through counselling at the same time. My favourite line is ‘its going to get better, but you gotta kinda wanna be saved’. That’s a note to myself really. A reminder that you have to want to get better, to actually improve. 

This was recorded completely live, the same day as Heaven. We made a basic drum loop, and I just played along to that and sung at the same time. That’s the take you hear on the record. The drum loop was then improved afterwards. For the ending section, I brought in Chloe Jones who sung on Cigarettes and Beer and we came up with the counter melody. I already knew I wanted something like that, but didn’t know exactly what. I love the result. 

Heaven A song that is probably the oldest out of the ones I recorded. Based solely around the time my friend did a really huge favour for me, and when I asked him why I did it, he said ‘I have to get into heaven somehow’. That line resonated with me, and me and Tom Kay got together in a room and wrote the song. I wanted the recording of it to slowly descend into madness, a bit like Crazy Horse. That explains the ending. 

Again, recorded completely live with Tom Rothery on Guitar, Mat Peters on Drums and Lee Parry on Bass. I actually think Drive Slow may have been recorded that same day? I forget. It’s the same band though. 

Sailor This started out with me singing the chorus as a joke, as I thought it sounded like a lullaby. It still does, but it makes more sense when I play it with the verse. A standout line for me is ‘the summer disagrees with me’, that was written from the perspective of my friend who just hates summer. Never understood why. As for the crazy part near the end, I told my drummer Aaron to play like he had thrown his drum kit down the stairs. 

I changed the acoustic guitar part a few times at the beginning as I didn’t know which version of it I liked best. I enjoy the chaos of the ending, it’s a nod to Via Chicago by Wilco. The juxtaposition of anarchy and fragility is always something I’ve loved. 

Sad Song #1 One of, if not my favourite song I have ever written. It completely captures and summarises the whole situation I was in at that time. Every line is important, and it's lyrically my favourite song. 

‘There’s a guy that I go talk to on a Tuesday

Who convinces me that Im still sane

He says times got a way of making all of this ok But believe me brother I still feel your pain’

I was going to a counsellor on Tuesdays at work, and I told him I thought I was going crazy cos I couldn’t sit still or concentrate on anything, all I wanted to do was scream, and I remember asking him If I was ever going to get better, and he said ‘yes in time, but its going to be a rough road’.  This was pretty much built from the ground up, the first track recorded in the session. Me and Dan Wiebe got in a Rehersal room together after I sent him an iPhone recording of me playing it in my living room. I played a drum part with my foot, and that is what he wanted to use for the bass drum pattern. Simple but effective. We recorded guitar and drums at the same time, but it really came to life when Dan did some overdubs of drum rolls. I love that bit. 

After about a year, I went back and shortened the ending sequence, but then I listen back and it just loses something. So I reverted back to my original gut instinct. I was right.... I think. 

Now that all songs are released, it’s time for me to say thank you. Thank you to everyone for supporting, listening and taking an active interest. It’s hard to be a musician sometimes. There isn’t a rule book that we follow in order to be ‘successful’, and that goes the same with songs. I have written songs that I would be sure people would love, and no one bats an eye lid. On the flip side of that, there are songs I thought people wouldn’t get, and they seem to really take too (Heaven is a great example of that). 

As I write this I have already finished the next single in the studio with look to release early next year. It feels different, and it has been described as ‘more mature’ than these last songs. God knows what that means, I don’t feel more mature? But it is a shift in direction and arrangement from these songs so that is exciting. Anyway, see you next year.